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For schools, the government has issued new asbestos management guidelines.

According to a recent research, 1,060 schools in England are not managing asbestos hazards properly, are not carrying out any risk management, or are not completely comply with current regulations. As a result, the government has stepped in and given schools with new asbestos management safety standards to install and observe. For 2017, the EFA […]

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In a number of vintage Hollywood films, asbestos was used to make fake snow.

Filmmakers utilised pure white asbestos fibres to recreate the image of snow in numerous classic Hollywood movies to create winter scenes. Until the late 1920s, filmmakers used a variety of techniques to create the appearance of snow. Cotton batting, salt, and flour were among the techniques used. A fire department in Los Angeles quickly identified […]

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Despite the risk of asbestos, online stores sell actinolite quartz

jewellery. Even though actinolite quartz jewellery contains asbestos, online retailers such as Etsy sell it. Social media users expressed their concerns about asbestos this week, which drew our attention. Campaigners sent a link to Etsy, where they discovered a significant number of actinolite quartz jewellery for sale. Because few people are aware that the jewellery […]

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What are the six different kinds of asbestos?

Chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite (the three most often used kinds) and anthophyllite, tremolite, and actinolite are the six primary forms of asbestos. All six of these mineral kinds are referred to together as asbestos. These asbestos materials are classified into two types: serpentine and amphibole. Each has a distinct physical look and personality. Serpentine asbestos has […]

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