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Asbestos that is friable versus asbestos that is not friable

Asbestos: Friable vs. Non-Friable 1. Asbestos that is brittle: Asbestos in this form is the most dangerous. When asbestos-containing materials contain one percent of asbestos by weight or area, they are considered friable. It’s a flying creature. Friable asbestos in a dry condition may be easily crushed or pulverised into powder when pressure is applied. […]

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What are the asbestos restrictions for residential property

Are you a homeowner interested in learning more about asbestos rules for residential properties? Asbestos rules differ for residential and non-residential properties. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR) are aimed at non-domestic properties, although they may also apply to some common spaces in residential buildings. The following are the asbestos regulations that must be […]

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