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Despite the risk of asbestos, online stores sell actinolite quartz

Even though actinolite quartz jewellery contains asbestos, online retailers such as Etsy sell it.

Social media users expressed their concerns about asbestos this week, which drew our attention.

Campaigners sent a link to Etsy, where they discovered a significant number of actinolite quartz jewellery for sale.

Because few people are aware that the jewellery contains asbestos, we must work to raise awareness.

Actinolite is a fibrous mineral that is one of the six forms of asbestos recognised.

Gemstones and jewellery are made from some forms of the mineral.

Because the fibres are so tiny, they are easily able to penetrate the lungs and cause harm to the alveoli.

What is the appearance of actinolite quartz jewellery?

Quartz is a transparent to opaque stone with a green to yellowish green hue that is commonly used in jewellery.

We grabbed a screenshot of some of the actinolite quartz jewellery being offered on Etsy, which you can see below:-

It may be appealing and appear to be an ideal one-of-a-kind fashion gift, but buyer beware!

Despite the fact that the objects are tiny, any amount of asbestos, no matter how minute, can represent a serious health risk.

It simply isn’t worth it to take the chance.

Asbestos-containing goods are unlawful to sell in the United Kingdom, thus these dealers must be stopped!

So far, it appears that many of them have gotten away with it.

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