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The members of our team are available to deal with your asbestos removals in a timely manner.

We routinely receive 5-star reviews on Google.

We will make sure that you receive your estimates within 24 hours of submitting your request.

Fully compliant in order to provide you with the highest level of service at all times.

There are no unpleasant hidden fees. What we quote is exactly what you will pay.

Frank Powell
Frank Powell
Great Company.
Ashley Kennedy
Ashley Kennedy
We were very pleased with the service provided by the Swift Asbestos Removal team. We had a large renovation project to complete and required three levels of artex ceiling removed in order for our plasterers and builders to arrive on time. They worked really hard and did an excellent job.
Julie Walker
Julie Walker
John and Chris came out next day. I was in Hamilton, Cant beat them for price or customer service.
Carmen White
Carmen White
Great asbestos removal business, I needed three asbestos artex ceilings removed in one week since I had plasterers and builders waiting, and Swift Asbestos Removal responded quickly, provided a competitive quotation, and had a crew ready to come out and make my life simpler. Excellent customer service!
Mark Rowan
Mark Rowan
These guys do their job very safely, highly recommended

Artex Removal Bothwell

Swift Asbestos Removal specialises in the removal of Artex from residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout Bothwell.


If you’re concerned about the presence of asbestos on your property, we can do surveys and analyses to determine if it’s there and how it may be safely removed.

Our asbestos experts will provide you with free advice on how to disassemble and remove asbestos artex ceilings in the most cost-effective, safe, and legal manner possible.

With rigorous asbestos removal rules in place, protocols must be followed at all times to guarantee the safety of everyone living and working in the asbestos-affected area.


When removing artex, we prioritise health and safety. We take precautions to guarantee that no fibres are discharged during the removal process, and all material is disposed of in accordance with hazardous waste laws.


Swift Asbestos Removal will carefully seal the room, protected with polythene sheeting (such as windows, cupboards, sinks, floors, and walls), and any dust residue will be removed throughout the dismantling and removal.


Our team will remove the artex ceiling under controlled conditions using a negative pressure unit and create a temporary airlock while wearing high-quality safety gear and protective suits. HVAC vacuum cleaners will be used to clean the area.


On the customer’s request, background air testing for reassurance and reoccupation will be given. Your artex ceiling will be disposed of at an official, licenced trash transfer site, and consignment notes will be issued to the client shortly thereafter. 


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men with roof slates asbestos
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How Can I know whether Artex contains Asbestos?

The majority of textured coatings are white. However, if a tiny portion is destroyed, the real colour of the coating underlying the paint may be seen.

An orangey-brown or grey colour, for example, is generally indicative of a plaster covering (as opposed to a true Artex coating). Asbestos fibres are unlikely to be found in plaster coverings since they are more modern.

If the coating is white throughout, we recommend contacting us to arrange for asbestos sampling before disturbing the material, since this implies a real ‘Artex’-type coating.

If Artex or other comparable textured coatings are drilled or disturbed, chrysotile asbestos fibres (white asbestos) may be released into the air.

The only way to be sure is to have it checked for asbestos fibres. Our asbestos surveyors will scrape a little piece of Artex from each of the room’s four corners.

This is then tested in a lab to see if there are any asbestos fibres present. 



In Artex, how do you test for Asbestos?

Swift Asbestos Removal is delighted to be recognised as an expert in Artex asbestos testing.

Call us right away at 0808 196 5033, and we’ll arrange for a trained asbestos surveyor to come to your home and examine the situation.

For example, scraping the coating with a screwdriver or thin scraper and directing the material into a sample container positioned below the sampling point might provide samples.

Because textured ornamental finishes are non-homogeneous, several sampling sites of the material will be required to guarantee a spectrum of the material is sampled. This sample procedure should, of course, be carried out by qualified asbestos specialists.

If the sample tests positive for asbestos, you’ll have to determine how you want to proceed with the project. We will be able to give you advice on the next best steps.

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