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Asbestos-containing storage heaters

We are frequently questioned about asbestos-containing storage heaters, specifically which storage heaters contain asbestos and their model numbers. Asbestos was frequently utilised due to its fire retardant qualities, and many earlier types of models would almost certainly include it. Asbestos-containing insulation materials were phased out of use in 1973, thus any storage heaters manufactured after […]

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Asbestos Removal by Licensed Professionals vs. Asbestos Removal by Unlicensed Professionals

Do you know the difference between licenced and unlicensed asbestos removal? Did you realise there’s also a non-licensed category that has to be reported? If you’re not sure what all of this implies, keep reading to find out. REMOVAL WITH A LICENSE If the work is notifiable to the Health and Safety Executive, there will […]

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After the Covid Lockdown, Asbestos Waste Removal from Pre-2000 Homes

During the Coronavirus lockdown, millions of workers on furlough took advantage of the opportunity to do long-overdue DIY repairs and house improvements. Traditionally, bank holidays have been set aside for some home improvement projects. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and trade groups will also use the occasion to reiterate their cautions about the dangers […]

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Places to visit in Falkirk

Town Centres in Falkirk Falkirk and its environs, including Bo’ness, Grangemouth, Stenhousemuir, and Denny, have a lot to offer, with each town providing its own distinct experience. From shopping and dining out to fairs, public art, and festivals, there’s something for everyone. Falkirk Town Centre is located in Falkirk, Scotland. Falkirk is a historic town […]

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