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Asbestos Garage Roof Replacement Musselburgh

Convert Your Old Garage Into The Garage Of Your Dreams.


We are a top garage remodelling company in Musselburgh. We can replace your asbestos or non-asbestos garage roof with a contemporary, maintenance-free garage roofing system.

We also provide and install a broad range of garage doors, windows, personal access doors, and other uPVC products in addition to garage roof replacement. 

If asbestos is discovered in the roof of your garage, outhouse, barn, or other structure, you have two choices:

1) have the whole structure demolished and removed; or
2) have only the asbestos removed and disposed of, with a new roof installed.

We are specialists in everything from asbestos removal and disposal to roof replacement, and can quickly construct a new corrugated roof on your home after asbestos removal. 

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Garage Floor

Installation of a New Garage Roof

Swift Asbestos Removal is dedicated to making detecting asbestos in your garage roof as simple as possible. So, once we’ve removed the asbestos-containing construction components from the old one, we may install new corrugated roofing for your home or business.

We utilise corrugated sheets from a reliable source that can offer the material in a variety of sizes. This guarantees that your outbuilding or structure’s roof is completely covered. Color-coated metal roofing is available, as well as plain galvanised sheets. Your garage, outhouse, barn, or other structure will continue to work as successfully as it did before the previous roof was removed because our corrugated roofing is attractive, high-performance, and energy-efficient.

You save time, effort, and money by not having to deal with several suppliers when you choose us to handle replacement roof installation. Our corrugated replacement roofs are backed by a 20-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing your roof is in good hands. 


Replacing the Roof on Your Garage in Musselburgh

Unlike traditional garage roofs, our contemporary garage roofing systems are built around a high-quality galvanised steel profiled garage roofing panel that can be used to replace any form of garage roof, including asbestos and cement-fiber garage roofs, regardless of size or shape.

Our lightweight profiled roofing panels are durable and adaptable, with a Plastisol-coated outer layer and a completely attached anti-condensation ‘DRIPSTOP’ felt membrane on the bottom.



Coated in Plastisol


Plastisol is a liquid plastic made by suspending PVC particles in a liquid plasticiser that may be infused, moulded, or coated to serve various uses when heated above a specific temperature. Plastisol is heated, coated, and cooled in garage roofing panels to produce a strong yet flexible barrier that provides an extra layer of protection from changing weather conditions while also enhancing the roofing panels’ physical damage resistance.


Garage roofing panels with DRIPSTOP anti-condensation felt membrane offer a medium for collecting moisture, which the DRIPSTOP membrane then retains until it can be released back into the air as normal humidity. Other advantages include reduced noise and improved resistance to material fatigue and mould, giving an extra layer of protection for your Garage Roof.



Our roofing solutions come with a DRIPSTOP membrane as standard, guaranteeing optimum protection and durability throughout the life of the roof.

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