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Is it OK to remodel my home if it contains asbestos?

The greatest danger is exposure to asbestos during any sort of work on your property. However, if you are considering making changes to
your house, it is critical to establish whether or not there is asbestos present. It is usually possible to renovate your house when asbestos
is present, provided that the small threads are not disturbed.

Before you begin remodelling your space, you should have the house or renovation area tested for asbestos, and contractors should be
provided with a written asbestos report from the building’s owner before work can commence. Before any demolition work is undertaken,
asbestos abatement should be carried out by a registered asbestos removal business, and any items containing asbestos should be
disposed of in specific hazardous waste containers.

The area where you are changing ceiling tiles, putting in lights, tearing out and replacing your roof shingles, flooring, or insulation should
be examined for any asbestos exposure before proceeding. It is possible that if the fibres are disrupted, you will be putting your family’s
health at risk.

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