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Patients with mesothelioma now have new hope because of

immunotherapy treatment.
Researchers have discovered a promising new delivery strategy for an immunotherapy combo that has the potential to dramatically
improve mesothelioma treatment.

This was discovered by attaching two molecules together, according to a team of researchers from the University of North Carolina
Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.

According to their findings, employing nanoparticles to administer numerous immunotherapy medicines at the same time improved the
efficiency of mesothelioma treatment.

This method was considerably more successful in reawakening the body’s immune system so that it could begin battling cancer.

“Our study shows that if you can deliver two distinct treatments to immune cells at the same time to help them fight cancer, the effect is
greater,” said Andrew Z. Wang, MD, associate professor in the UNC School of Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology.

UNC researchers combined a checkpoint inhibitor, a medication that encourages T cells to destroy cancer cells, with OX40, a novel type
of immunotherapy, as well as a dosage of radiation, into a nanoparticle, which they then delivered to a tumour.

T-cells were shown to be stimulated at a greater rate by this combination than by antibodies given separately.

In melanoma mouse models, the researchers observed a 30% cure rate.

Immunotherapy is becoming more popular as a therapeutic option.

Immunotherapy is a relatively new treatment, but it has proved to be helpful in some lung cancer patients, including those with

However, because immunotherapy does not work for all patients, experts are continuing their research to improve the effectiveness of
what is considered a promising treatment.

As a result, the National Cancer Institute did very similar research last year.

Scientists sought to see how the order in which immunotherapy drugs are delivered affects survival.

They discovered that using a PD-1 inhibitor and an OX40 medication, the therapy was more successful when the OX40 was given first.

Both trials demonstrate that immunotherapy combined with various inhibitors and delivered simultaneously is a step ahead in developing
more effective mesothelioma treatments for patients.

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