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What is the definition of an asbestos insulation board?

What is the definition of asbestos insulation board?

Asbestos insulation board (also known as AIB) is a fireproofing material that is widely utilised in the construction industry. Between 1930
and 1980, asbestos fibres were compacted onto a thin board that was utilised for heat and fire resistance.

It was a popular material due to its great fire resistance, and it was widely used in homes, industries, schools, hospitals, and other public

What is the appearance of asbestos insulating board?

It resembles our current fireproofing building sheets to the untrained eye.

Please notice the image below, which was obtained from the HSE website and depicts the appearance of the asbestos insulating board.

Asbestos insulating board is commonly found in the following locations.

AIB may be located in a variety of locations around the UK, but below is a list of the most popular.

• partition walls • ceiling tiles • soffits • window panels • service ducts • fireproof panels for fire doors

• ceiling tiles

• soffits

• window panels

• dry-lining purposes

• service ducts

• fireproof panels for fire doors

The asbestos insulating board was removed.

To remove AIB, you’ll need a licence from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). AIB can be a combination of several asbestos kinds
(see more about asbestos types here) and is extremely friable, posing a significant risk of exposure if broken.

AIB has been safely removed from several of our asbestos removal operations. Because of the material’s nature, it’s frequently found
fastened to other parts of the structure and hidden under other construction components. This implies that removing a little portion of AIB
might be a lot more difficult than you might imagine.

Never try to get rid of AIB on your own!

If you get an estimate for asbestos removal, make sure they have the HSE licence to remove asbestos (ours is here: HSE LICENSE
04.09.22) as well as corporate insurance. Read the HSE Asbestos guideline if you’re unclear about the requirements.

An illustration of where AIB was formerly attached to internal beams and has since been removed.

How much does AIB removal cost?

As with any asbestos removal process, the price is determined by a variety of factors.

• the type, quantity, and location of asbestos insulating board

• the manner in which the AIB is secured to the walls, ceilings, and other surfaces.

• accessibility needs-is it on a high level or in a tight space?

• on-site services: do you have power outlets, restrooms, and running water?

When we provide a quotation for a project, we evaluate all of these factors, as well as the length of time the task will take and the exact
equipment required. The expense of properly disposing of asbestos trash is also a consideration.

It also includes our administrative planning time, since each asbestos removal operation involving AIB requires notification to the HSE and
the completion of a site-specific plan of action and risk assessment.

In many situations, projects require the services of an independent analyst (learn more about working with analysts here), which is an
an additional expense to the project.

The removal of AIB is a lengthy process due to the numerous regulations and procedures in place to guarantee safety.

In summary, we won’t be able to offer an estimate unless we view the job in person.

We always offer no-cost, no-obligation estimates.

If you have AIB in your home, commercial property, or public facility, contact us right away.

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