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Asbestos Can Be Found in 3 Unexpected Places You Might Not Expect It

In the Scotland, asbestos usage is strictly controlled, but it has not been outlawed. Numerous goods, the vast majority of which are building materials, can contain asbestos. Although asbestos is commonly discovered in homes, did you realise that it may also be found
in a variety of other places?


Acoustical and fire-resistance materials such as asbestos have been utilised in churches for many years. Asbestos was used in the
production of acoustical panels in order to strengthen them. Those panels are placed on the walls and ceilings of churches to reduce the
echo and reverberation caused by the music being played within. Asbestos was also employed to insulate church organ blowers and
bellows, as well as for other purposes. Asbestos was also discovered in the insulation used to wrap around boilers and steam pipelines.
In recent years, a small number of churches have had to cope with asbestos abatement concerns due to construction. Older churches
may have asbestos-containing materials, therefore it is critical to have church structures thoroughly examined.

Governmental Buildings

Asbestos materials can be found in any public building constructed before 1980. However, even new buildings may include asbestos in
the roofing materials, vinyl tiles, and cement pipes, among other places. Asbestos may be found in a variety of business settings,
including government buildings, police stations, movie theatres, restaurants, and other commercial sites where a large number of people
pass through. A variety of items containing asbestos may be found in public places, such as movie theatre curtains, hairdryers in salons,
talcum powder products in barbershops, construction materials in government buildings, and asbestos insulation around pipelines and

People may not be impacted straight away by asbestos, but it may remain in the air for a long period and have an adverse effect on air
quality. Building owners are required by federal rules to safely abate and properly dispose of asbestos-containing materials. Building
owners will not be penalised if the requirements are not followed, but they may face severe repercussions if they breach asbestos

Asbestos may be difficult to detect with the naked eye, particularly in commercial structures. Our Swift Asbestos Removal team
thoroughly inspects every aspect of the structure to guarantee that it is safe from asbestos exposure.


To avoid fires and to protect medical equipment from overheating, hospitals have relied on asbestos-containing materials for decades.
The goods might come into touch with those working at a hospital, but maintenance and construction employees are at greater risk of
being exposed to the fibres than other types of workers. While asbestos is not present at the direct level of patients in the rooms, it may
be found in the insulation surrounding piping and boilers, in cooling towers, electrical wire insulation, HVAC ducting, and floor tiles, among
other places.

We do not recommend performing an asbestos inspection and removal on your own. We work on commercial premises to properly
remove asbestos and prevent unnecessarily high levels of exposure to asbestos. Swift Asbestos Removal is capable of inspecting and
removing asbestos from churches, schools, public buildings, and hospitals, among other places of business. Make contact with us immediately to schedule your inspection and testing!

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