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What Does It Cost To Conduct An Asbestos Survey?

If you believe there may be asbestos in your building, the first step is to schedule an asbestos inspection.

Asbestos surveys are an important part of any asbestos management procedure, and several specialised companies, including us,
provide this service.

However, you might be curious about the average cost of an asbestos survey.

Because there are other elements at play, we’ll answer this question below.

What is the purpose of an asbestos survey?

First and foremost, let’s define what an asbestos survey involves.

Simply said, it’s a simple inspection of your structure to see whether any asbestos-containing materials are there.

Because asbestos fibres are tiny, a sample of any suspect materials must be taken and analysed in a laboratory to determine whether
asbestos is present.

The survey will also reveal critical information such as the type of asbestos found, its quantity, and its placement within the structure of
the building.

As a result, an asbestos survey is important for asbestos management since it offers critical information on how to continue with asbestos
removal or management.

At the completion of the survey, a comprehensive risk assessment and a documented plan of action are usually presented.

Type of Survey Required

Asbestos surveys may be divided into three categories. They are as follows:

Asbestos Management Survey

An asbestos management survey is one that is performed on ordinary structures that aren’t very old.

This is also known as a type 1 or type 2 survey, and it consists of a visual assessment of the structure.

This is a common form of survey used to control asbestos in situations where no work is required.

A Survey on Asbestos Removal

This asbestos assessment is suggested for older homes and entails a comprehensive and invasive investigation.

The surveyors will examine the materials in the structure in further depth to determine what they are and whether there is any asbestos
present that provides a health risk.

A Survey on Asbestos Refurbishment

Before any invasive work is done, an asbestos refurbishing survey is conducted.

The surveyor will thoroughly check the areas and sites where work will be done to determine whether there is any asbestos present that
might pose a health risk.

Size and type of property

The cost of an asbestos survey is directly proportional to the kind and size of the property being investigated.

The cost of the survey will inevitably increase as the size of the structure increases.

When doing an asbestos survey, the surveyor will need to document each room and area in the property and assign it a reference

As a result, a structure with several rooms or separate offices may be more expensive than, for instance, an open-plan warehouse.

This is because inspecting each room separately will take more time, regardless of how vast the warehouse is in terms of surface area.

As a consequence, there is usually a noticeable variation between one property and another, as it depends on the kind, composition, and
size of the property.

Property’s Age

When it comes to asbestos study expenses, the age of a home is also important.

If a structure was built before the 1990s, there’s a good possibility asbestos-containing materials were utilised in its construction.

The sorts of asbestos materials existing on the property, such as tiles, roofing, siding, and so on, would also need to be considered.

The older a structure is, the more samples will need to be obtained and the asbestos survey will need to be more comprehensive.
As a result, the cost of the survey is usually much greater.

Types of contractors

You might want to do some research on the services provided by various companies, as well as their asbestos survey charges.

It’s crucial to know who you’re going to hire for such a delicate position.

Make sure the contractor has a lot of experience, both in terms of competence and technical understanding, as well as the number of
years he or she has worked in this sector.

In this situation, having a contractor who follows HSE (Health and Safety Executive) regulations and prioritises optimal safety procedures
is important.

You might want to read other people’s evaluations and check with the UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) to see whether the
contractor is accredited and trustworthy.

Better still, use a properly qualified asbestos removal company with all of the essential HSE certifications.

The total number of samples taken

Surveys are sometimes priced on a per-day basis.

Several samples were collected during this period.

Some contractors, on the other hand, may charge for each sample taken.

This may differ from one contractor to the next, as well as depending on the style of structure.

As previously said, the older a structure is, the more samples are gathered.

Access to the Website

The cost of the survey will also be affected by the property’s accessibility.

Certain security limitations may apply to commercial premises, therefore authorization for site access may be required.

In order to conduct more intrusive surveys, the building’s inhabitants must evacuate the premises while the study is conducted.

In some situations, scheduling the survey may need to be staggered or the contractor will need to do the survey outside of typical
business hours.

Physical access to some sections of the building may also be problematic.

The cost of the survey will rise if there are any heights or obstacles.

When it’s possible that scaffolding or special equipment will be needed to conduct the survey, a risk assessment is usually conducted.

In conclusion

While an asbestos study typically costs between £300 and £500, the cost varies depending on the contractor, the building’s age, style,
and size.

A more comprehensive inspection of a large house with difficult-to-access sections may cost more than £1,500 in some circumstances.

As previously mentioned, prices vary depending on the type of asbestos study done.

As a result, it’s advisable to request a customised quotation from your contractor so that you can better understand what the job includes and why the survey cost is what it is.

If your looking for an asbestos survey in Glasgow give us a call.

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