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Asbestos-containing storage heaters

We are frequently questioned about asbestos-containing storage heaters, specifically which storage heaters contain asbestos and their
model numbers.

Asbestos was frequently utilised due to its fire retardant qualities, and many earlier types of models would almost certainly include it.

Asbestos-containing insulation materials were phased out of use in 1973, thus any storage heaters manufactured after 1974 should be

Examine your old electric heater to see whether it contains asbestos.

Please find a full list of all the old brands and model numbers of all known asbestos-containing storage heaters in the paper linked below.

Also, any heaters with the initials ‘SR’ at the end of the serial number are at the highest risk of releasing asbestos fibres into the air.

Due to the fact that this list is 37 years old, many of these heaters are no longer in use.

Asbestos was never used in Dimplex xl and Dimplex xls models.

For future reference, click on the link or button below to obtain a paper that lists all of the storage heaters that contain asbestos.

Is it safe to use asbestos in heaters?

They are absolutely safe as long as they are not dismantled or damaged.

Asbestos is used in heaters because of its heat and fire resistance.

If you disrupt the asbestos, asbestos dust and fibres may be discharged into the environment.

If these hazardous particles are absorbed into the lungs, they can develop asbestos diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma
years after exposure.

Is it possible to remove an asbestos-containing old heater?

Please don’t be tempted to disassemble a storage heater to discover whether there’s any asbestos sheeting inside!

Also, if you believe an old storage heater has asbestos, don’t throw it out since it might expose others.

Instead, if you have a storage heater on your property that you no longer need or wish to replace, it is recommended that you get it
removed by a certified contractor or a health and safety specialist.

For further information on how to properly dispose of asbestos-containing materials, contact your local government.

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