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Alternatives to Asbestos Removal: We Don’t Recommend Them

Asbestos in your house, business, or building may be a silent intruder. Although living or working in an environment containing intact
asbestos isn’t always a health concern, it’s crucial to remember that most people who develop asbestos-related significant health issues
have been exposed to the substance for a long time.

Asbestos may be found in a variety of areas in your home, and it was widely utilised in home building throughout most of the twentieth
century. Paint, fiberboard, siding, roof shingles, soundproofing tiles, floor tile, cement, insulation, and vermiculite, which are little
Styrofoam-like pellets found in potting soil, have all included asbestos at one time or another, and some of these items can still be found
in many homes.

Is it possible for me to live with asbestos?

One of the most common concerns we get is, “Can I live with asbestos in my house if I don’t disrupt the items that contain asbestos?”

True, asbestos is not generally hazardous to your health when it is intact and undisturbed. Only when the fibres are discharged into the
air does it start to cause cancer. Its presence in your house, on the other hand, is a problem waiting to happen.

A variety of unknown activities might deteriorate the materials, resulting in asbestos particles being discharged into the air without your

Is it possible to seal asbestos?

After explaining this to homes, we are frequently asked, “Can I just encapsulate the asbestos-containing materials?” Encasement (or
sealing) involves the use of specially formulated compounds that cover asbestos-containing materials and permanently bind the fibres

The quick answer is, yes, asbestos can be sealed. However, this just postpones the inevitable, which is that if you ever try to sell your
property, you will very certainly be required to remove the asbestos-containing goods.

The cost of asbestos encasement is generally 75 to 80% of the cost of asbestos removal. So, while you can seal it, you’ll have to pay for
the first sealing, as well as the additional expense of having the sealing removed and the full cost of total removal afterwards. So, what
appears to be a cost-cutting solution on the surface will really increase your costs in the long run.

Nearby Asbestos Removal

If your house has asbestos, the most cost-effective and safest choice is to get it removed as soon as possible. Living with asbestos is
conceivable if you can guarantee that it will remain undisturbed for the rest of your life. However, the only way to have total peace of mind
is to have it removed.

Swift Asbestos Removal is a Scottish asbestos removal firm that has been testing and removing asbestos from homes, commercial units,
and municipal buildings for over 40 years. To obtain a free asbestos removal quotation, contact us now.

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