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How To Get Asbestos Out Of Your House Without Hurting Yourself

If you’re remodelling or even destroying a portion of your house and know there’s asbestos in the building, you’ll want to make sure
asbestos removal is done quickly, properly, and in accordance with regulatory laws. While adhering to the code is a legal necessity, it also
ensures the safety of you and your family.

The government does not advocate doing your own asbestos removal. In the event that you decide to remove 10m2/less of any non-
friable asbestos from your house, we give some essential facts and details to assist decrease the danger of asbestos exposure-related

Important Factors to Consider

A competent non-licensed individual performing non-friable asbestos removal operations is required. They must have finished their
training, had some industrial experience, and have the necessary equipment for the work.

When a non-licensed individual is permitted to conduct this sort of activity, there is always the possibility of human health being

As a rough approximation, a bathroom wall of 10m2 (four sheets of asbestos wall sheeting) is the size of four sheets of asbestos wall

Almost all asbestos removal projects entail considerably bigger regions. It also implies that, in most cases, a professional asbestos
removalist will be required to complete the task.

The majority of conventional insurance policies exclude asbestos removal activities from coverage. You should be aware of this, and bear
in mind that as an unlicensed removalist or DIY renovator, you may be liable for exorbitant clean-up fees.

Before You Begin

You must be objective if you are a house renovator planning a DIY project and want to remove any friable asbestos on your own.
Determine if you have the necessary expertise, equipment, and abilities to minimise the danger of asbestos exposure. The danger of
asbestos fibre exposure must be minimised at all times, according to government norms and regulations.

Asbestos Disposal

While you must follow the proper procedures while removing asbestos from your house, you must also consider how you will securely
dispose of it. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established specific rules for the disposal of asbestos waste. The following
are the details:

Waste must be kept in an ecologically friendly manner on the premises.

All bonded asbestos material must be packed safely at all times.

Asbestos products that are brittle must be stored in sealed containers.

Soils polluted with asbestos must be wetted down.

All asbestos trash must be transported in a covered vehicle that is completely leak-proof.

It must be disposed of in a licenced landfill that is capable of handling asbestos trash.

Hiring a professional asbestos removal firm like Swift Asbestos Removal is the best method to minimise danger and guarantee that the
asbestos removal job is done according to government requirements. We work on projects of all sizes and shapes. If you have any
questions about our services, please contact us.

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