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Industrial vacuums are one of the most effective methods of asbestos removal.

A number of different asbestos removal methods are employed by our company. Nevertheless, industrial vacuums are one of the most
frequently employed procedures. Industrial vacuums are particularly built for hazardous environments, ensuring that employees and
environmental safety specialists have access to the correct solutions and removal equipment when dealing with dangerous materials.

The devices are essential for ensuring the safety of employees and the environment, since they collect and filter harmful dust, which can
subsequently be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. All of our industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with the highest
level of filtration available on the market (HEPA, class H), extremely high airflow, as well as a long-lasting, safe collecting mechanism.

What Constitutes the Composition of an Industrial Vacuum?

Mobile industrial vacuums are immediately linked to the asbestos removal unit, eliminating the need for additional equipment. Module
solutions consist of the following components: preseparator (with longopac and H filter), extra safety safety H filter, suction unit (mobile or
fixed). The components of the asbestos industrial vacuums are excellent for long-term abatement efforts since they are extremely

Located within the contaminated area, the asbestos removal machine is equipped with a pre-separator with PTFE filter, class H filter, and
longopac safe collecting bags for safe asbestos removal. Another class H filter is installed on the outskirts of the danger zone, and the
suction unit, which ranges in size from 4 to 12.5 kw, is often located outside of the polluted region.

The distance between the suction unit and the grinding machine might be as long as 100 metres or even more, depending on the engine
used to drive the machine. While these vacuums and their components are versatile and adaptable to a variety of working conditions, it is
critical to provide the abatement specialists with the space they require to do their jobs effectively.

Put your trust in Swift Asbestos Removal for your asbestos-related abatement measures.

To safely remove asbestos from a residential or business structure, Swift Asbestos Removal has a number of tools at our disposal that we
employ. With the most up-to-date expertise and tools, our team of abatement professionals can complete their work while keeping you
and your property safe. Get in touch with us right now to find out more.

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