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Collaborating with a UKAS-certified analyst

The partnership between us and the UKAS qualified analytical firms is critical as a registered asbestos removal company. A clean air
clearance certificate is required at the end of every permitted activity, as well as many unlicensed jobs, to show that the area is safe and

We collaborate to ensure that our scheduled projects are completed on time, and they will work with us outside of normal business hours
if our customer requires it.

The analyst will be at the location for a variety of reasons and air clearances. Personal air monitoring guarantees that our personnel are
not breathing an unhealthy amount of asbestos fibres, while reassurance air testing gives piece of mind that fibres are not greater than
predicted. When our job is finished, we do a four-stage clearing, which includes:

Checking the site’s condition and the job’s completion is the first step.

A comprehensive visual examination is performed inside the enclosure/work area.

Air quality monitoring

After the enclosure has been removed and the work area has been dismantled, a final assessment will be made.

This four-stage clearance certificate proves that all asbestos fibres have been thoroughly removed and will not damage anyone. If this is
not the case, one of the phases will fail, and the contractors will have to repeat the cleaning procedure until it is satisfactory.

On request, we offer all air clearance certifications as well as trash consignment letters to our clients.

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