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Mold Indicators That You Might Have Mold

Mold may be present in your home or business structure without you knowing it. Swift Asbestos Removal can assist you with mould
removal through our mould remediation services. We’re going to provide several indications that might help you determine if you have
mould in your house.

Whether it’s dust particles or greasy fingerprints, mould may develop from the typical things found in our houses. Mold can also emerge in
locations where there is enough moisture or excessive humidity. Knowing that mould develops in wet environments, we may expect
mould to emerge in situations where there is an excessive amount of moisture present. It is important for us to inform our residential and
commercial building owners that if they can see and smell mould, they most certainly have a mould problem.

Despite the fact that the majority of moulds are not hazardous, there are some moulds that emit toxic chemicals into the environment that
can cause significant health consequences. Like asbestos, mould can be found in your structure, and you may be completely unaware of
its presence.

Despite the fact that mould growth may take on a variety of hues and appearances, it is most commonly seen as fuzzy or stained growth
on furniture and construction materials such as walls and ceilings. Mold may be detected by looking for signs of moisture or water
damage, which is only one of the major symptoms that you may have mould. If you have any of the signs listed below, as well as water
damage or dampness, it’s time to contact a mould removal service for assistance.

If you have an excessive amount of humidity in your house,

Water damage that has occurred recently and has been wet for more than 48 hours. Condensation around windows or on the outside of

In your house, you may notice musty or mouldy aromas.

Irritation and congestion of the nose and sinuses.

Coughing that is dry and hacking.


Rashes on the skin

eyes that are burning, watering, and inflamed.

Asthma episodes are common.

Headaches and memory lapses are common.

Mood fluctuations are common.

My nosebleeds

Aches and pains in the body

What Should I Do If I Have Mold?

If you suspect mould growth in your business building or home, Swift Asbestos Removal can evaluate the area and remove any mould
growth that is discovered. We recommend that you call us as soon as you see it since it will not go away on its own and may turn into a
more serious condition if you do not act quickly.

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