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The Asbestos Removal Procedure – How Long Does It Take?

Some of you may have recently found that you have asbestos in your house, but you are unsure of what to do next or how long it will take
to remove the asbestos-containing materials. You can rely on Swift Asbestos Removal to assist you!

The question of how long it will take to remove the small fibres from a home or commercial property frequently arises when we arrive at a
site for an asbestos examination. Our ability to provide an accurate answer immediately is limited due to the fact that the abatement
procedure is unique for each operation.

Our abatement procedure is straightforward, and we aim to have you and your family back in your home or office within 48 hours of the
project’s commencement. For major jobs, however, the amount of time it will take to get back on your property will be significantly longer.

We do ask that you leave the property during the abatement time because it is not safe to remain inside or on the premises during the
removal process, depending on the degree of the contamination. If you are unable to leave the property, please contact us. While some
of our clients are required to quit their premises owing to the extent of the polluted area, others are not required to leave their premises at
all. On minor asbestos removal projects, we utilise heavy-duty industrial plastic sheeting to keep you and your belongings safe while we
are working in the contaminated area.

While working on a project, our asbestos team ensures that the air quality is safe, livable, and comfortable for all those who are exposed
to it. Immediately after removing the asbestos from your home, we have a 48-hour window in which we must test the air in and around
your property many times to confirm that there are no residual asbestos fibres. Until the air quality is less than 0.01 fibres per cubic
centimetre, our Swift Asbestos Removal specialists will stay on your premises to guarantee that you are completely protected from
asbestos exposure.

Everyone’s abatement process is unique, and our staff is here to assist you in keeping your family safe throughout this time. We are dedicated to providing our clients with asbestos abatement services that are as minimally invasive as possible while also being as quick as possible. If you believe you have been exposed to asbestos or mould, contact Swift Asbestos Removal immediately to schedule an examination.

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