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Asbestos Removal by Licensed Professionals vs. Asbestos Removal by Unlicensed Professionals

Do you know the difference between licenced and unlicensed asbestos removal? Did you realise there’s also a non-licensed category that
has to be reported? If you’re not sure what all of this implies, keep reading to find out.


If the work is notifiable to the Health and Safety Executive, there will be a 14-day notification period plus planning time, with a start date
generally 3 weeks after the order is issued for us to execute the work.

Asbestos-containing materials pose a higher danger, and only qualified asbestos removal contractors are permitted to conduct these
projects. These projects must be completely compliant to ensure that exposure levels are kept to a minimum and that they adhere to
rigorous Health and Safety Executive requirements.

Any type of asbestos insulation board, loose-fill insulation, sprayed coatings, and any possible disruption of pipe lagging are all instances
of approved removals.

(You may see an example of licenced removal here…)

To guarantee protection, licenced asbestos removal requires full RPE and PPE for all personnel; learn more here…


We can frequently fit your work in within a few weeks of first contact because there is no need to notify the HSE and these jobs often
require less planning time and have a shorter running period. Non-licensed works provide a lower risk of exposure because they are
exclusively created using non-friable materials.

Asbestos cement, floor tiles, textured ornamental coatings, encapsulation of good-condition ACMs, and eliminating loose asbestos
particles are all examples of non-licensed operations. The safe management of asbestos that hasn’t been completely removed is an
example of non-licensed labour.

Notifiable occurrences-Licensed

If the work area is big scale (e.g. significant amounts of textured coating removal), or if the asbestos is in poor condition, the removals
may be non-licensed but notifiable (e.g. asbestos cement sheeting that is badly broken). You do not need to be a licenced contractor to carry out this work, but you must ensure that appropriate control mechanisms are in place and that the local council is notified.

Always go to the HSE website for the most up-to-date information.

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